「XYZ ZLOTH」是我和朋友Jdier在2020年11月開始籌劃的NFT專案。當時NFT正風靡全球,我當時和這位朋友合作,其實也不太清楚他的實際職業。表面上,我知道他是一位平面設計師,但我願意和他合作的主要原因是,我認為他是一位敢於嘗試的投機者。與我相比,他具有開放的態度,時尚的觸覺,對道德束縛也不太在意,並且深受朋友喜愛。我與他性格上截然相反,我只是為了賺錢而嘗試向一個與自己性格相反的人學習。我也希望學習成為一位懂得冒險、懂得取巧的人。說實話,有時候稍微狡猾一點,誘人一點,也不是壞事。至少在我已經度過了一半人生的情況下,並自認為是一個善良的人,但真正想要的東西一直都沒有得到,我不想最後只留下懦弱、失敗、愚痴和不切實際的執著。因此,我勇敢地去了解我一直抗拒的事物。
"XYZ ZLOTH" is an NFT project that my friend Jdier and I started planning in November 2020. At the time, NFTs were trending worldwide, and although I collaborated with this friend, I was not quite sure what his actual profession was. On the surface, I knew he was a graphic designer, but the main reason I was willing to work with him was that I thought he was a daring speculator. Compared to me, he had an open-minded attitude, a fashion sense, didn't care much about moral constraints, and was deeply loved by friends. Our personalities were very different; I was only trying to learn from someone with an opposite personality in order to make money. I also hoped to become someone who knew how to take risks and be clever. To be honest, being a little bit cunning and seductive isn't always a bad thing. At least in my situation, having passed half of my life, and considering myself a kind person, but I still haven't obtained what I truly desire. I don't want to end up leaving behind only cowardice, failure, foolishness, and unrealistic persistence. Therefore, I bravely sought to understand the things that I had been resisting all along.
In the end, this NFT project was indefinitely suspended due to another significant opportunity that arose. For me, my purpose was only to make money. I have heard a lot of spiritual wisdom, but in reality, money undoubtedly represents many of our freedoms. At least in terms of time, taking a taxi is always faster than taking a bus.

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