我是一名想成為插畫家的插畫師, 在設計學校時,我的老師告訴我,插畫家有著獨特的畫風,而插畫師則以基本繪圖技巧完成委託。然而,到了2022年,我感到自己的工作就像一個人工智能圖片繪製軟體。雖然我會參考插畫表現手法,但是我也想在2023年開始建立自己獨特的創作風格和人物形象。我希望能減少使用電腦繪圖,轉而使用真正的藝術媒介,例如:鉛筆、水彩、廣告彩、油畫等等。或許,當我的電腦繪圖工作完全被人工智能取代後,我才能真正感受到繪圖的樂趣,並且更加自由地進行創作,不再受限於工具。
This is my pseudonym, which actually comes from the homophonic character "Chong憧" derived from the last character of my Chinese name "Chong沖". I hope people who know me will call me "Chong憧", because my closest family and friends have been calling me that since I was young. The font of "Chong憧" is like a child holding a pen, just like how I liked drawing when I was a child.
I am a drawing worker who wants to become an illustrator. When I was in design school, my teacher told me that illustrators have a unique painting style, while drawing working complete commissions with basic drawing skills. However, by 2022, I felt like my work was like an AI image drawing software. Although I refer to illustrative techniques, I also want to start establishing my own unique style and character imagery in 2023. I hope to reduce my use of computer graphics and instead use real artistic media, such as pencils, watercolors, markers, oils, and more. Perhaps, when my computer graphics work is completely replaced by AI, I can truly feel the joy of drawing and create more freely without being limited by tools.
2008 - 2010

CO1 School Of Visual Art
Diploma Of Commercial Comic Art & Illustration

2010 - 2012
Assistant Designer

2013 - 2016


2017 - 2018

Experience As A Farmer In Nam Chung

2019 - 2020
General Welder

2020 - 2021
The 8th Animation Support Program Tier 1

2021 - 2022
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